Friday, February 03, 2017

additional adjustments.

I added a small plastic plate (as shown) to my new children's saw horse so that the end will be protected as square cuts are made. It can be replaced when it gets worn without taking the whole thing apart.

In addition, after a reminder from RenĂ© of the importance of pliers in a school's woodworking tool kit, I went on eBay and bought the pliers shown in the photo below.  Please add these to the necessary tools for a school wood shop. They cost $5.95 each postage paid and a school shop would benefit from having one pair for every 3 or 4 kids.

These nippers differ from regular pliers in that they bite flush with the stock, making it relatively easy to grab a bent nail, and the curved jaws roll along the surface of the material, lifting and prying the nail as they do so.  In fact, pulling nails is one of the recommended uses for these pliers. They can also cut very small nails if necessary close to the surface of the wood. Just 4 inches overall length, they are small enough to be handled by one of my first grade students, and the more things my students can do safely for themselves, the better.

I showed my new kid's saw horse/bench to students who are now in high school, that had begun working in the school wood shop while in first grade. One observed that it was complex and would take our students some time to figure it all out. With practice the kids will get it, and they don't have to learn it all at once.

Make, fix, and create, that others may be inspired to learn likewise.

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