Friday, April 24, 2015

Bent wood boxes...

Copper tank for boiling thin strips of wood.
 I have begun making a few small bent wood boxes of a new design. These are  inspired by Scandinavian bent wood boxes (Tiner), but will have one flat side and shop made wooden hinges. I start by boiling strips of wood in a copper tank, using a hot plate as the source of heat.

When the wood has softened enough to bend without breaking, I roll it into shape and clamp it while it cools and dries. Tomorrow I will fit backs, and use copper tacks and Gorilla Glue to secure the back corners. Then I'll make bottoms, lids and hinges to fit.

Bent wood for small Scandinavian boxes.
I plan to make some very small ones for the tiny box book, but in the mean time, this offers me some practice for my classes this Summer in making Scandinavian Bentwood boxes.

Yesterday in school wood shop, I introduced a visiting student to the lathe, and helped various students with personal projects including Ozrick's knife.

Make, fix and create...

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