Saturday, April 11, 2015

Annapolis, MD

The Ayes have it, among Annapolis Woodworkers.
Troy Beale's Annapolis School of Woodworking
I am in the Annapolis area with the Annapolis Woodworking Guild. I presented a lecture last night, then today had a demonstration class with 25 or 26 students. Saturday and Sunday I'll have a hands on class for 10 students so that each can make two boxes. We met last night in a Methodist Church, and the actual classes are being held at  Annapolis Woodworks hosted by school director/woodworker, Troy Beale.

Woodworkers are truly my kind of folks. The Annapolis Woodworker's Guild does service projects including toy making for kids. They also have an educational scholarship program, and my coming here to teach is sponsored by their educational fund.

I would write more in the blog, but it has been a busy day. I neglected to take photos except those above, even though there were plenty of photographs taken by others to prove I was here.

Aside from the how to, and why to of box making, the subject of conversation has been very much the same as what I've shared before in the blog. Working with hands and mind, we express greater intelligence and moral stature than when with the mind alone. It's not just as my new friend Andy said, that the idle hands are the devil's workshop, but that the hands have the power to do great things. We shape the wood, and we in the same movement give shape to ourselves.

Make, fix and create...

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