Monday, April 13, 2015

beautiful boxes galore...

Yesterday I finished my 3 days of box making with the Annapolis Woodworking Guild, and I'm headed home to Arkansas today having made many new friends. At left and below are some photos of my class:

The following is from Susan E. Blow, Symbolic Education 1894:
All children crave living pets, build sand houses, and make caves in the earth; are fond of intertwining bits of straw, paper, or other plaited material; delight in shaping bowls and cups and saucers from mud; and are inveterate diggers in the ground; even when as in city streets and alleys, such digging is wholly without result. Can we fail to recognize in these universal cravings the soul echoes of the forgotten past when man began the subjugation of Nature by the taming of wild beasts, the erection of rude shelters, the weaving of garments, or the manufacture of pottery? Can we doubt that the order of history should be the order of education, and that before we teach the child to read and write we should aid his efforts to repeat in outline the earlier stages of human development?
Human culture must arise anew within each generation. It is made whole when children live enough of it to come to the fullest possible understanding.

Make, fix and create...

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