Wednesday, September 10, 2014

this morning...

I was up early this morning to make a presentation on Save the Ozarks for our local Rotary that meets every Wednesday morning at 7 AM. They asked if I would speak about our on-going efforts to stop the monstrous power line from being built through the Eureka Springs area.

This issue is not just that of a small town not wanting to sacrifice its own scenic beauty for the good of the whole, but one of a corporate giant (more of a dinosaur) gobbling up the future of the planet. AEP is the largest corporate producer of greenhouse gasses in the world. With new restrictions on coal, they are shifting their investments to extra high voltage power lines, where state regulators guarantee a 12 to 15% return on investment, whether the power lines are needed or not. The other issue is that they have misrepresented the need for this power line, both to the public service commission and to the people of Arkansas.

I've also been moving the last of the cabinetry and drawers into my new school wood shop location. It is a pleasure being right in the middle of things.

Make, fix and create...

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