Saturday, September 06, 2014

Arkansas governor's awards in the Arts...

Yesterday I met with members of the Arkansas Arts Council, and a small committee from around the state to select recipients for the Arkansas Governor's Awards in the arts. Awards are given in a variety of areas, including corporate support, a patron's award, a lifetime achievement award, an award of recognition for the work of an individual artist,  an award for arts education, etc... seven distinct awards in all. All the various arts need to be considered, dance, visual arts, music, drama, writing, story telling and more.

I was surprised that there were no nominations from the Eureka Springs area... which simply states that we tend to think of our small town as existing on its own, and not so much interconnected with the statewide arts efforts. That is a thing we must fix, and so to remedy things, I plan that next year we mobilize to make more nominations.

The Governor's Awards in the Arts which we selected in yesterday's meeting will be made public knowledge later in the month, and the awards will be presented in the spring of 2015.

Today, I plan to clean shop. It is a mess. And it will help me to prepare for my next work to get it better organized.

Make, fix, clean and create...

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