Sunday, September 28, 2014

sufficiently entangled...

One of the objects of schooling can be made clear from a study of modern physics. The theory of quantum entanglement suggests that our conception of the essential building blocks of reality is not as simple as the academic and theoretical view would lead us to assume. Electrons are not swirling around protons and neutrons in perfect orbits, but rather exist in wave like forms that contain vibratory information that describes their relationships to external reality. Within the waves are subwaves and micro-subwaves that carry what might be called information or might in some stretch of faith be called consciousness.  I will refer my readers to yesterday's post which included a short video on quantum entanglement.

In the age of Newtonian physics, human brains were objects that existed in isolation from the hands, and other extremities. While slow to adapt, we are now beginning to realize that human consciousness exhibits qualities more closely related to quantum mechanics than to the apple that fell to the earth in Newton's discovery of (the laws) of gravity. (which had always been present, even before Newton)

If you realize that a guitar string is simply a relationship between patterns of particle like waves under tension drawn between the bridge and tuning pegs, that is able thence when plucked to create patterns of waves that thence vibrate in the air to create sound, take that same situational awareness and apply it to the solar system. You can see how suppositions as outlandish to some scientists as Astrology might actually have real effect, as planets and objects within the solar system form tensions within each molecule and each atom, altering waves within. No single thing in the universe, no matter how small and insignificant is without effect.

I am aware that few people read anymore to any great depth, so I am attempting to keep this short and simple.

The object of a teacher's work is that of helping his students to become sufficiently and consciously entangled in learning. This is where the hands are brought in to their full capacity. The purpose of this blog is stated at the top and as follows:
"This blog is dedicated to sharing the concept that our hands are essential to learning-- that we engage the world and its wonders, sensing and creating primarily through the agency of our hands. We abandon our children to education in boredom and intellectual escapism by failing to engage their hands in learning and making."
There are a number of ways teachers can get children engaged. The easiest is to grant them the opportunity to do real things. Music will often suffice. Making beautiful and useful objects will point students in the right direction. Asking them to dissect a fish or a frog and discern the realities hidden deep beneath the surface within may reveal an interest in learning, entangling the student in his or her own curiosities and lead to a discovery of the interconnectedness of all things

This morning I intend to make boxes. I am cutting slots for barbed hinges and just trying to hinge and assemble enough boxes to ship an order next week, leaving the balance to assemble for orders later in the season. While I am in my shop, and though it might seem so, I do not exist in a form isolated from all else.

This weekend,  Northwest Arkansas has been overwhelmed by an event called Bikes, Blues and BBQ which brought nearly half a million bikers to buzz through our streets and down through our hollers, where their loud pipes echo and reverberate for miles. Even the sound of a motorcycle can effect every vibratory component of our existence. The bikers were drinking in our pubs late into the night,  then managed their retreat into  motels and campground to sleep it off. We welcome their money, both in the bars and motels but could do without their noise.  In my shop, I am grateful when I turn off the power tools and can work by hand and in near silence. I cannot quite understand why they would choose such loud pipes, except that in their educations, they were not introduced to the full depth of their entanglements.

Now, it seems the roar of loud pipes has subsided,to a lower volume, telling me that the half million bikers are making their way safely home.

Make, fix and create...

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