Saturday, September 20, 2014

the industrious child...

We know that one of the desirable traits of character that should be imparted to children that will be useful to them and society is that they be industrious. Our present course in education tends to make them passive rather than industrious. An industrious child is a self starting child. He or she asks, what can I do next, and receiving no answer, starts learning on his or her own, with an eye toward action. Sitting still in classrooms appears to be the desirable trait of modern education.

A friend of mine told of being called to a conference by her son's teacher. She was told that her son in first grade kept falling from his chair and that she wanted to investigate to see if medication would be required to keep him in it. Can you see the horrors of what we have done?

Industriousness, in its beginnings is anathematic to sitting under constraint of the teacher's commands, and it's fiercest enemy is the administration of drugs to maintain discipline and restrain the child's natural inclination toward activity.

This morning I am going to the 35th annual Ozark Area Community Congress as a guest speaker to talk about the SWEPCO extra high voltage power line that threatens our area.

Make, fix and create...

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  1. Doug- So true about how natural inclinations that a specific child may have can lead adults to thinking that there is something "wrong." Why is it that we are so ready to label and medicate? It's just sad.