Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kansas City Woodworker's Guild

I am in Kansas City for a presentation tonight, and then 3 days of classes on box making and building small cabinets. I may not have much time for the blog, but would invite you to explore. There is not much new here on the  hands. People have had them for millions of years, with the hands operating in seamless harmony with thought. Take note of the amount of time that you use your own hands unconsciously and then check the list below to see what you've been missing. Without getting very specific, here is a brief list of some (11) of the wonderful things we do because we have hands, ways in which the hands have shaped our lives, and that we seldom acknowledge.
  1. The hands make us smarter.
  2. The hands make us feel better.
  3. The hands connect us with human culture.
  4. The use of the hands in learning help us to discern truth
  5. The hands lead to scientific hypothesis.
  6. The hands improve communication skills and comfort in communication.
  7. The hands allow us to share with others things made to last generations.
  8. They express care.
  9. They express skill.
  10. They sense in greater detail.
  11. They take the place of other senses when those senses are impaired.
If you want to know anything about any of these, you can attend tonight's meeting with the Kansas City Woodworker's Guild, 7 PM, 3189 Mercier St. Kansas City, MO, or you can spend a bit of time in my absence digging more deeply into the blog.

Update: My presentation with the Kansas City Woodworker's guild went well and was attended by about 150-200 members. What a wonderful group! I promised them that I would upload a photo to the blog showing the Krenov inspired cabinet that I showed in step-by step slides. Photos follow.

Make, fix and create...


  1. I appreciated your presentation last night. I was surprised by the amount of brain power focused on making the hands work.

  2. Anonymous4:49 PM


    Now you see why I've been to Doug's classes more than once.