Tuesday, June 21, 2011

decline of facebook?

Some facebook readers are deciding that real face to face is better than what happens online, as described by this article, Why some dissatisfied users are shunning facebook. They've become bored with the overly predictable, and are moving back to real exchanges with real people. The same will happen at some point with this blog, if it hasn't already begun its decline in that direction. How much can I say about the hands? Of course the hands touch every aspect of human life, human intelligence, etc. etc. But it is better to use your hands consciously to create than to merely read about their unfulfilled potential.
...there are also some recent signs of "Facebook fatigue." There is only so much you can do to socialize online, especially after you've exhausted your friend list. Some people also complain they're spending so much time on Facebook that they're short-changing the rest of their lives.
I have watched things come and go for a number of years, and even the greatest of things arise only to retreat into oblivion. My public school teacher friends tell me that each year, there is some new fad that they are supposed to introduce and master. Then the next year, they are told, "we don't do that anymore." But the hands have staying power. They put us in touch. They are the defining feature of our humanity. They are the source of all human wisdom. We WILL get to the point at which my gentle reminders are no longer required, and this blog, too will go bye bye in its time. When the strategic implementation of the hands becomes widespread throughout education, this work will be complete.

Today I continue "filming" my small cabinets DVD. As you can see in the photo at left, among the various joinery techniques for attaching cabinet sides to top and bottom, I've been cutting dovetails for a wall hung cabinet. As a student mentioned in Kansas City, he loved it when I make mistakes. Mistakes made by a "pro" are reassuring. So far my dovetails are OK, not perfect and not to write home about. It is a technique which requires practice and undivided attention. If the mind wanders, blade and chisel follow.

make, fix and create.

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  1. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Those dovetails look pretty good to me. What I've found with dovetails is that if you stop doing them for a while they become a brand new learning experience rather than just repeating something you already know.