Thursday, June 23, 2011

an intense week...

I have been under the glare of lights all week, with two more days to go. Video production is not easy, and I'm not really the kind of star quality for this kind of attention. It is hard to get my lines stated just so. However, we are working our way through the making of small cabinets. Yesterday we started on bridle joint doors, and you can see in the photo above some of our efforts. Next we will move on to decorative effects, assembly, hinging, and details. I am grateful to be working with a pro.

We have a very slim chance of finishing the video this week, but will probably require one more two or three day session later sometime in the next months to nail down the various techniques we are illustrating.

Tomorrow we will begin assembling three cabinets and their doors. I've been sanding tonight to get ready. In a comment below, a regular reader informed me that I was being too demanding and didactic. Read or don't read at your leisure. Don't waste your time reading here if you are inclined toward more direct action.What I offer is for your own experimentation, and I would prefer that my readers learn from their own direct observations than from what I say. There are thousands of ways beyond craftsmanship to take advantage of the wisdom the hands offer. Even a task as mundane as washing the dishes (sans dishwasher) done in the right spirit can bring deeper engagement.

Make, fix and create.

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