Tuesday, February 02, 2010

sliding dovetail jig

I use a simple log cabin jig to rout the sliding dovetail grooves on the underside of the table top. This requires very precise measuring for the exact placement of the jig before routing. I first rout with a straight cut bit and then follow with the dovetailed bit to form the necessary shape. The straight cut bit improves accuracy by removing the bulk of the stock before the dovetail is formed, allowing the bit to work more smoothly with a lighter load. The photos below show the fit of the table stretchers into the routed grooves on the underside of the table top. Because there are three of these stretchers, the grooves must be accurately placed. The two halves of the top will close to 1/4" from each other, allowing a small gap for expansion and contraction to occur. As you can see the inside edges have been textured for additional interest.

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