Friday, February 12, 2010

a man, a guitar

This is Bob Dylan in his first White House performance, and one might suspect that the times have changed a bit if this old rebel is there performing for the American president. He was the voice of an earlier generation and has a bit to say to this one as well.

In terms of the hands, we can see that in general children today are no longer making things with their hands, as most adults aren't either. As a craftsman, I am saddened by this loss, for I know how much joy my own hands have brought to my life. Today I'll be away. I deliver a table to a customer in Little Rock and pick up the Crystal Bridges bench for delivery to the Museum on Monday.

And yes, as to Dylan, the times are a-changin'. Do people change? Will we ever become so deeply engaged through our hands-held devices, that to make something real, requiring effort and skill, will no longer interest us? That, my friends, is a matter that lies in your own hands. Teach a kid if you can.

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