Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Case Against College Education

The following link is to an article in Time Magazine, The Case Against College Education. While I would not suggest that college educations are meaningless, they are overrated for some students. We too often push our children into situations of massive debt, when they might actually be happier and more successful under some circumstances without the liberal arts degree. Many young men are pushed into college by parental expectations when time in the work place may give them a better idea what they enjoy doing, give them some concrete reasons for college attendance and allow them time to mature enough that they handle college participation more effectively.The following is from the article:
People with college degrees make a lot more than people without them, and that difference has been growing. But does that mean that we should help more kids go to college — or that we should make it easier for people who didn't go to college to make a living?

We may be close to maxing out on the first strategy. Our high college drop-out rate — 40% of kids who enroll in college don't get a degree within six years — may be a sign that we're trying to push too many people who aren't suited for college to enroll. It has been estimated that, in 2007, most people in their 20s who had college degrees were not in jobs that required them: another sign that we are pushing kids into college who will not get much out of it but debt.


  1. Anonymous5:48 AM

    My plumber makes more money than I do, as does my auto mechanic. Both are well trained, and both are educated, in a different way.


  2. Nice Post !

    I have noticed such things. In my case this is also true my electrician makes more money than me.

    Student of Canadian college