Friday, February 05, 2010

Rembrandt and Comenius

There is very little difference between a man and a boy, in that we like to be doing things.

This morning, I am retaking photos for the article on mixing and matching woods. My first round was to get the art director's input and approval and now with notes on each shot, I can retake them at better angles, and with better backgrounds. Editors and art directors are important people in the scheme of things and I have been grateful to have learned something from each I have worked with.

When you like what you do in the first place, redoing is no particular chore. I am also beginning to inlay stones in the top of the walnut and maple table. I get to balance my time, doing things that I like in serial progression, so that no one thing becomes oppressive.

I found this interesting portrait of John Amos Comenius by Rembrandt on the web, and offer this quote again as it is in keeping with my day as planned.
"Boys ever delight in being occupied in something for the youthful blood does not allow them to be at rest. Now as this is very useful, it ought not to be restrained, but provision made that they may always have something to do. Let them be like ants, continually occupied in doing something, carrying, drawing, construction and transporting, provided always that whatever they do be done prudently. They ought to be assisted by showing them the forms of all things, even of playthings; for they cannot yet be occupied in real work, and we should play with them."
A couple of my boxes illustrating mixing and matching woods can be found below.

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