Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tonight at the Ozarks Chorale

Tonight my wife and I attended the Christmas performance of the Ozarks Chorale, an exquisite performance by dedicated local choral enthusiasts. It was fun to look up on stage and see so many friends from Eureka Springs and the surrounding area. The voices were beautiful, the timing impeccable. How many hours of rehearsal? I could never guess.

I'm not sure how many people still know the feelings that arise from being a part of such a thing... in which you add your voice and something so much greater than yourself is heard.

It could feel that way to be part of American manufacturing and a restoration of economic power to our nation. What if individual wills and personal intentions were gathered and directed toward common goals. It may be hard for us all to overcome our doubts. Our nation has been functionally selfish for so long. But imagine if we all were enabled to become part of something so much larger than ourselves? Let me tell you something. We are, sink or swim. And now it is time to lift our voices in concert.

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