Sunday, December 07, 2008

How not to make tofu

We learn as much from our mistakes as we do from our successes. So this is fun, too.


  1. I've heard it is not the easiest thing to do!

  2. It seems to take practice like anything else, and in order to practice, you have to have an interest in it. We have always bought tofu, but are pleased that Lucy is interested in making her own. It is kind of a hippy/new-age thing to do, and I guess apples do fall close to the tree.

  3. Anonymous5:30 PM

    I use it in Chinese hot and sour soup, but I've got to confess I use the store bought kind.


  4. Tofu, may seem rather bland, but it is good at absorbing flavors so is great in Chinese food. We also buy it at the store rather than making it. The process is rather simple. A friend of ours started a business making alfalfa sprouts, so it is easy to see how working out the bugs in something can lead to the creation of a small business, and it will be the small businesses and individuals starting small businesses as a last resort that have the greatest capacity for reversing the economic decline (or collapse maybe). And simple things made to engage others in the joy of cooking are also a great way to engage the hands. By making tools like the tofu press, you use your own hands to give action to the hands of others.