Monday, December 08, 2008

10 Million bonus

The CEO of Merrill Lynch, John Thain is fighting to keep his 10 million bonus claiming they would have lost a lot more money if he hadn't been doing such a great job.

Have we not become a nation of idiots? It seems we are ready to awaken. I was talking to my mechanic this afternoon and he mentioned that he could never make a million in his lifetime, so a sense of outrage over 10 million as a bonus is completely within reason.

I am wondering why we would reward those who have no sense of public service nor any sense of civic responsibility? Could we not reward them with a sense of their own well deserved shame instead?

When someone gets so far out of line, we say they are "out of touch." That simple expression tells us the importance of the hands. Our hands bring us into direct relationship with reality. We still them at the risk of our culture and humanity.

Cook, sew, make, plant, harvest, nurse and serve.

CEOs should have a hands-on foundation in reality before we ask them to lead corporations.

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