Sunday, December 28, 2008

More from Mrs. Ida Hood Clark

More from Mrs. Ida Hood Clark, Supervisor of Manual Training, Milwaukee Public Schools:
The Greek legend says that: the giant whom Hercules grappled was invincible so long as his feet were planted on the solid earth. There is danger that our civilization may be developed too much in the air, and we may become too much separated from those sources of strength from which mankind has always drawn its vitality. The whole country is waking up to the necessity of a change in the methods of public school instruction. Let not the teachers lag behind but rather let us be the leaders in the movement. The teacher's profession is a golden one, not in respect to its material return, but in respect to the opportunities it offers. The teachers are the artists who fashion the generations yet to come; upon us more than any other class depends the future of our Republic. Let us stand boldly for the highest aim of human culture and the people generally will more and more rise to the level of appreciating and supporting our earnest endeavors.

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