Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Woodworking projects often have a momentum of their own. Things get carried away. I started a small rustic cabinet to demonstrate a technique. That turned to two cabinets, and then to two cabinets and a chest. It is starting to sound like the plot for a movie. The photo of what I'm up to is below.
Years ago, I had been asked by the owner of a furniture store if I would make a "partner's desk" for his home. That became the project that never seemed to cease growing, and I ended up doing an entire office in his home in oak: the desk, the entertainment center, the display wall/library with lateral files, working oak shutters on the windows, paneling, moldings, trim, pocket door into the next room and light switch plates and receptacle covers. A bit of it can be seen at the oak room and in the photo below.

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  1. Anonymous7:27 AM

    What a great way to show the contrast of projects that a woodworker can do. Nice work on both of them.