Friday, July 04, 2008

Joe Barry sent the following:
Random thoughts on Independence Day:
Many of our founding fathers got their hands dirty:

Franklin was a printer/publisher
Washington was a farmer and distiller
Jefferson was a farmer
Sam Adams was a brewer..... (I believe I'll have another with that hamburger, please).
Joe, It is interesting how the David Pye equation of certainty vs. risk is played out on the night of the 4th. Light the fuse and run like heck before something blows up in your face or hands. Then if you are lucky to make it back to your seat unscathed, you are rewarded by beauty in lights and sound and the oohs and aahs as your peers revel in delight. Parents want everything to be safe and children grow through the taking of risks. The search for dizziness. To be safe is mind numbing. To dwell constantly in the state of risk is intolerable. So we seek balance, and note that those who were wise were active in head, heart and hand. Happy 4th. If something is about to blow up, set it down and run like heck.

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