Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Today, I don't have much energy to write, but I do want to share some photos. Our project making toy cars for distribution to needy children is showing some results. What you see are finished products and the proud, happy faces of our own Clear Spring School students.

We also started a new project today with the world history class at the Clear Spring High School. We are using hand tools to make block sets that are designed to model the Parthenon in ancient Greece according to the system of proportion called "the Golden Mean." It is a bit of the math that provided the cornerstone for civilization.

Interestingly, in Time Magazine today was an article on education stressing the importance of breaking free of the conventional separation between the various disciplines of study. Specifically, it called for the integration of math, science and the arts. In essence, it described the need for wide spread application of integrated studies like we have at Clear Spring School. Learning the significance of history through the study of ancient mathematics in the modern woodshop using hand tools? "Who'd have thought? Why, I never..." It seems like the national press is consistantly informing us that we are well ahead of the learning curve.

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