Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas in Pre-school. One of the things we do in the Wisdom of the Hands program at Clear Spring School each year is to help the pre-school children in making presents from wood. Last year, we made napkin holders, and this year we've made star table ornaments. We cut the parts from 1/2" plywood using a hole cutter in the drill press. We cut the stars to shape with a scroll saw, and then drilled the undersides for 5 inch long 1/4 inch dowels to fit.

This was a very simple project and very easy for the children to assemble and glue. With 25 students in our pre-school, projects need to be simple enough to be assembled, painted and decorated in a day. The children also painted and decorated matching gift bags. There will be lots of parents in the Clear Spring School community who will recieve hand made wooden gifts for Christmas this year.

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