Saturday, December 23, 2006

The article at left is from the Omaha World Herald, Saturday, January 22, 1972, and shows my mother's Kindergarten class at Wakonda Elementary on a day in which they were studying the letter "D". You can click on it to make it a larger size, but even without reading, you can see the excitement that my mother's ideas and planning brought to the classroom. Even today, as she travels around Omaha, she is hugged by huge grown up men asking if she remembers them. She always does.

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  1. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Amazing mother you have! She is my favorite of all teachers! I am pictured in your article while in my kindergarten class with the ducks. I really hope that you get this, as it would make me extremely happy to get in contact with "Mrs. Stowe" once again. I remember when I was hospitalized she came and visited me, and gave me "homework" (hahahaha), which was a learning clock to learn how to tell time. I will always keep her close to my heart, and hope she is doing well.

    GySgt Curtis Sallis USMC Ret.