Monday, December 04, 2006

I have this sneaking suspicion that of the millions of blogs in the world that very few are actually being read. I would enjoy response, just in case you are reading this and would like to email and let me know.

I have a couple articles in current issues of woodworking magazines in case you happen to wander through your local Barnes and Noble. In the December issue of "Fine Woodworking," I have an article about table design. In the February issue of "Woodwork" I have an article about making a veneered wood box. I have an article coming out in the Winter issue of "Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice," and another education article coming out in the Winter issue of "Independent Schools." These last two articles are about the need for hands-on education in schools. In the April issue of "Woodwork," I'll have another woodworking with kids article, about making and using bench hooks. So, even if no one is reading the blog, I am pleased that there are some reading about my work anyway. One of the funniest things of the month was getting mention in the magazine "Good Housekeeping," as an expert consultant on table design. I had gotten a call for help from one of their editors and did the good neighborly thing of giving some suggestions.

very best wishes,

Doug Stowe

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