Thursday, October 24, 2019

Making flip cars.

My Kindergarten students told me that they wanted to make various cars and trucks, so I decided they could make "flip cars." The flip cars are a Clear Spring School invention from years ago. Having large wheels and an angle on each end, when you press down, the car flips. It can be decorated as a different type of vehicle on each side. It also provides a chassis upon which to build other vehicles as well.

I made the wheels made in advance, but with the children gathered around the drill press, I showed how the holes are drilled at the center. Then  after sanding the wheels smooth, on sanding blocks mounted in the bench vises, we drilled the axle holes in the flip car bodies (also prepared in advance). I held the bodies in position as the children operated the drill press.

The students used hammers to pound the wheels onto the axles, then used markers to personalize their work...

Let's flip education, putting the hands at the center of things.

Make, fix, and create. Enable others to learn likewise.

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