Monday, August 06, 2018

the process of filtration

I am back at work today following a week of vacation and my series of summer classes. I'm also in the process of planning for next year's summer classes, as that schedule must be set in time for various school catalogs to be published. My dates for Marc Adams School have already been set, June 10-15.

In my wood shop, I'm cleaning and working on Arkansas Quality Awards. At Clear Spring School, I will be doing deep cleaning in preparation for another year of classes, K-12.

My drawing above is simple. It shows a series of filters that exist between various levels of education. Those are promoted who fit a particular style of learning. If you are good at taking notes, and repeating what you have been taught you might pass through to the highest levels. Each filter in order from left to right has a  finer mesh removing non-academic style learners from advancement to positions of power and influence in education. To fix this problem some educational theorists have prescribed designing prescriptive lesson plans with bits and pieces of this and that to meet the various learning styles of specific students. For instance Johnny may be an auditory learner, so we'd best throw in a bit of music for the boy.

The far simpler approach is to do things that are real and of service to the community. Woodworking, for instance, utilizes the whole person, thus every learning style is available to be expressed at the same time.

Make, fix, create, and allow for others to learn as we do best.

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