Wednesday, August 08, 2018

"shut up and dribble."

When LeBron James said a few things insulting President Trump's rude behavior and destructive policies, conservative talking head Laura Ingraham told him derisively, "shut up and dribble," making her point that athletes and folks like them have no place in politics, where smart mouths like her's should hold sway.

LeBron James has taken her insult and turned it backwards as the title for a new Showtime series. His point apparently in using that title is that talking heads might learn a thing or two from engagement in the real world. Many intellectuals make the wrongful and destructive assumption that those who have invested time and energy in developing skills of hand, body and mind in the real world will not have cultivated their finer intellectual capacities like those one might find in a book.

My point is that doing things in the real world becomes an enhancement and stimulant to intellectual capacity. It also has profound effect on character. for instance, compare Laura Ingraham's contributions to her community (what has she done?), with what LeBron James is doing for the children of Chicago and Akron.

I had a great visit with cousins yesterday, and will settle into the wood shop for a day of pleasure crafting things from wood. That I'm using my hands does not make me stupid in other things. The reverse may be true.

Make, fix, and create...

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