Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Making Mitered Box Joints.

My article on making "box" or "finger" joints has come out in the April, 2018 issue of Fine Woodworking. In addition, an online article (finewoodworking.com) about how I cut the mitered finger joint shown in the photo will go live soon. I'll share a link when my editor makes it available to me.

"Finger" or "box" joints were first used in the making of boxes for fine cigars. The joints then were called "locked" corners. The joint is known for its strength. The pattern at the corners of a box can be decorative, but also conveys a sense of lasting quality. As my article describes, with the right equipment and a jig you make yourself, the joint can be quickly and reliably cut.

Taking the joint a step further, a miter can be formed at the top, giving it additional beauty and allowing decorative bands of contrasting wood to be inlaid into the top edge.

The photo shows a demonstration finger joint cut when my editor Barry Dima was with me in the ESSA woodworking shop, and can be found on page 6 of Fine Woodworking #267.

Make, fix, create. and assist others in learning likewise.

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