Friday, February 09, 2018

dreams and reality...

Today my high school students and I will begin applying paint to the Bevins Skiffs. I had planned to paint them when the weather gets good so we could do it on campus and out of doors. With continuing cold temperatures I made plans to do it at ESSA inside the warm wood shop. This will give us an earlier launch date.

I have everything ready to go. The primer and paint are on hand, and new brushes and paint buckets are ready to go.  I have tarps to lay out underneath. Nevertheless, I had anxiety dreams about it. In one the students were standing around talking and not working. In another, the paint was as thick as paste wax and I could not get it to brush out without thinning. Neither will be the case. Anxiety dreams are a good thing. They simply suggest that one is engaged with some level of passion in one's pursuits.

The wooden ball is one that I carved last week at the wood carvers' club meeting at ESSA. Carvers from around the area meet here the first Saturday of each month. There were about 10 carvers from as far as an hour away and I was the least skilled of the bunch. The remarkable thing was that they all worked so quietly and and would drive so far to do with what they could do in their own homes or workshops with such quiet. It was a social experience in which all were working quietly instead of talking.

Painting the Bevins Skiffs will be like that.

Make, fix, and create...

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