Tuesday, December 20, 2016

planing wood...

Even a small block plane can give pleasure in the process of shaping wood. In the photo, I've bandsawn parts of the base for a trestle table to rough shape, and am using a block plane to flatten the irregular surfaces left by the saw. The massive walnut is not something that I use every day, and was a challenge to shape on my small bandsaw. Fortunately a sharp blade in a plane can fix a line that's not wandered too far from its intended home.

Today I will turn small round foot pads on the lathe and begin adding some additional detail to the trestle parts.

My wood shop will be my sanctuary during dark times, while stupidity and xenophobia reign on the national scale.

We have about 5 making days left before the Christmas holiday. Let it be both a season of making and of giving what we've made. If in doubt of what to give, tools are a good choice.

Craftsmanship and creativity are the two cornerstones of civilization. Let us not wander far from our roots.

Make, fix, create, and propose that others have the opportunity to love learning likewise.

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