Saturday, November 12, 2016


A preview of my new book, Making Classic Toys that Teach is now offered as a flip book. Click the link to read parts of the book, and share  it with anyone you think might be interested the full version of the book. It is targeted to parents, teachers and grandparents who may have an interest in developing woodworking skill AND increasing the intelligence and creativity of their kids.

If you wish to order go to or to the publisher's website. Some time in the next few days, I hope to offer a discount code for those who want to order direct from the publisher and receive a discount.

I have learned that the book will be offered soon in many of the usual woodworking stores and online shops.

I am almost ready to launch a new website, so I have been taking additional photos for it, like the one below, showing 8 of my 11 books, and not counting my two books translated into German. Not shown also are my 3 DVDs.

You can now join my facebook page. 

Today I have a board meeting for Clear Spring School and in the wood shop, will begin forming large mortise and tenon joints in walnut.

Make, fix, create, and suggest to others that they might benefit from learning likewise.

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