Tuesday, November 08, 2016

going for kind and gentle

This is election day in the US, and I did my early voting last week, as I am in Little Rock this morning for a minor medical exam. I hope people get out and vote. This has been the the most difficult American Presidential election in modern times and most of us are ready for it to be over, provided the right party wins.

There is a great book that has been out for many years, written by a Unitarian Universalist minister, called "Everything I need to know, I learned in Kindergarten." Part of the book is about putting away your toys, and fulfilling your responsibilities to others. Part of it is about being kind to others in what you do and in what you say. Things to think about as we build a kinder nation.

During my weekend open house and studio tour, several women noted that they wished they had woodworking when they were in school. If they had been of an earlier generation they might have. Gender is no limitation on capacity to serve others in a meaningful way. And I vote for a kinder nation, in which the people and our government help others to be their best. That should include woodworking in schools, grade 1 through 12 so that children might engage in the creation of useful beauty.

Make, fix, create, and offer all others the chance of learning likewise.

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