Saturday, January 23, 2016

digging through memory lane

a quick shot from memory lane.
I spent part of the day yesterday digging through boxes and albums of slides trying to find photos from the first chapter of my first book. In going through all my slides for my first two books, the editor discovered that some were missing, and evidently they had been misplaced. I knew, however, that I had considered my slides for my books to have possible importance to me at some point, and had not thrown them out.

But with my having written quite a few articles for woodworking magazines before the days of digital photography, the shear volume of slides to go through was daunting, but  I found them, scanned them and sent them off for professional handling.

We also learned in the process of trying to reassemble two books from one, that an earlier editor had made the decision to cut a large portion of one of my boxes from the DVD compilation we were relying upon for the text. But, what things are as easy as we might hope? Fortunately, I have been assigned an editor in this case who is helpful and good to work with. His efforts will make the book one that will be useful to readers, and one that I'll be proud of.

A television station in NYC has done a brief video report on the school in Manhattan, Harvest Collegiate where my daughter Lucy teaches. It is an experimental school that is trying to demonstrate some learning concepts that would not be allowed in most urban public schools.  The motto of the school is "Every Student is an Intellectual." Personally, I would add the notion that craftsmanship is an intellectual process and that full development of intellectual capacity only arises where the hands and mind are harnessed in partnership. Tipping his hat to his hands, even Einstein said, "my pencil and I are smarter than I am." Tipping my hat to Harvest Collegiate, I will note that my daughter will be teaching a special class on cooking for the next two weeks.

Make, fix, create, and extend to others the capacity to learn likewise.

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