Thursday, November 19, 2015

the necessity of creativity...

With my book on tiny boxes nearly complete, I returned my attention to making Froebel's Gifts by writing an essay on occupations to submit to my editor.

Engagement in Froebel's occupations gave the student the opportunity to test material properties and test the dexterity of both mind and hands in the creative process. Creativity offers students a means to test what they have been told been taught, to engage in direct problem solving, and to directly observe and measure their own competence. Schools without the creative use of the hands are a waste of mind.

Yesterday in wood shop my students tested their bows and arrows, turned gavels on the lathe and made toys. Oen made a toy grapple on a string and as I left school he was attempting to capture the climbing gym.

The image above is a proposed cover for my new book.

Make, fix, create, and find it imperative that others learn likewise.

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