Sunday, November 29, 2015

Electronics and kids brains don't mix

Comedian Paula Poundstone wrote an essay for CBS News,  Electronics and kids' brains don't mix but the point she makes isn't funny. Digital media is now the perfect definition of a juggernaut, or it might be described as a tsunami with regard to the impact it's having on children's lives, but few seem to notice or consider what kids are missing. It's odd that the same parents who would protest if children were given Sloyd knives to work with in school, will give their children texting devices and launch them at high speed in cars they are barely mature enough to control. Who cares now if they can see over the steering wheel? Most tragically their eyes will be glued to the screen, whenever the device dings to tell them that someone else has posted something inane.

It is strange that people would so seriously engage their own children, putting them in situations of known risk, in a culture-wide experiment that promises estrangement from family and from the lessons that one can learn through the engagement in real life.

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