Monday, June 23, 2014


I spent the day yesterday visiting various museums in Oslo, including the National Maritime Museum where I hoped to see the RS Stavanger. It is in a rather sad state and residing under a green tarp while it awaits fund raising for restoration and a building to house it. The Viking Ships Museum is fabulous and one that we enjoyed. The biggest surprise for me came at the Norwegian Folk Museum, where I found a tine nearly identical to the one carried by my great grandmother from Norway in 1864. The one in the photo above is from the museum and the one below is my great grandmother's box.
As you can see, the box that had inspired some of my own work is lacking it's handle and latches.

The rosemaling pattern was obviously painted by different craft artists. Both are beautiful examples of Norwegian craftsmanship. Both came from near Voss. My great grandmother's box made the sea voyage between Bergen and the US and carried all her most precious things from Norway. So while it may not be as pristine an example as what is shown in the Folk Museum, it has a clear history attached.

Make, fix and create...

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