Friday, June 06, 2014

cover shot...

When I was in DesMoines a couple weeks ago for Weekend with Wood Magazine, I lined up with all the other participants to have my photo taken for the cover. Hundreds of participants had the same opportunity.

No, please don't look for this magazine on your newsstand. It's fake and fun. Click on the image to enjoy the joke in a larger size. You can imagine woodworker's all across the US getting their cover shots framed for their wood shop walls.

Richard Bazeley made a simple sanding ring lined with sandpaper to finish his sphere. I'm not sure that's what Froebel would have done, but it is a creative solution for a near perfect sphere.

A good approach to making a sphere on the lathe is shown below.

A good friend of mine, Bob, made his grandson Max his first work bench as shown below. It is designed to grow with Max, as the legs are designed to be adjustable in height.

Make, fix and create...

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