Saturday, April 05, 2014

the educational value of place

An additional 40 boxes inlaid today.
I have written about the way our children play in the woods at Clear Spring School. It's not something we planned, but something that has been available to us and used by our teaching staff due to the location of our school. And yet, a woodland setting should be the desired location for every school. How can you learn about the world without learning about nature? And how can you be entrusted (as each child must be) to preserve the world, including its very nature without being offered a reasonable understanding of it?

Northern Woodlands Magazine has a new educational resource page that offers this about the educational value of place: The Power of Knowing Our Place.

I spent yesterday inlaying lids for boxes, business card holders, and pencil cups, and now must embark on the adventure of converting these rough inlaid pieces of wood into salable finished goods.

Do you wonder how to make an inlay pattern join with almost no visible seam at the center? Use a cut off sled as shown above.

Make, fix and create...

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