Sunday, April 06, 2014

Robot ramp walkers

Glue and clamp the center divider
My Middle school students are studying physics, so last week we made airplanes that they will test in a competition this week. In wood shop tomorrow we will make robot ramp walkers thanks to a design by Roberto Lou Ma. The adjustable arms allow the user to fine tune the walker's motion, and when my students get finished, no doubt theirs will be more interesting and colorful than my own. The plans are simple. They require the preparation of stock and the ability to cut square and to accurate dimensions. The hardest part is turning the feet on the lathe. Roberto Lou Ma suggested a 7 in. radius for the feet, which are cut apart after turning. The body consists of two thin pieces of wood connected by a block at the center that also serves as a point to attach the axle.

The photo at the bottom shows all the parts laid out ready for assembly. You can find the plans for this robot walker  on the Automota Blog.
Shape the feet to a 7 in. radius.

Make, fix and create...
Nail the feet to the legs, drill all the holes and assemble.


  1. That looks like fun.


  2. Anonymous7:01 PM


    I built a prototype ramp walker and it was a big hit with kids and adults alike. I'd like to know if anyone has thought of a simpler way to turn the feet so that I can build them with my grade sevens.

    Thanks a lot for this inspiring blog.

    Nick Sluyter