Monday, March 24, 2014

weekend woodworking.

A small finger jointed box
I spent the weekend teaching a private class for a box maker from Texas, and as you can imagine, we had fun. In addition to using a variety of techniques, we used some beautiful wood and I presented a mini class on box design. Regardless of subject, it is fun sharing what you've learned if there is a common interest in the subject matter.

We finished one box and managed to get a second one finished but for hinges, lid tab and Danish oil.

Mike was interested in trays and dividers, as well as various forms of joining corners, for strength and beauty.
With lift out tray

Make, fix and create...


  1. Doug, can you suggest a resource for making beautiful boxes for a hand tool woodworker?

  2. Ron,
    How exclusive are you in your use of hand tools? Several of my books show how to cut hand-cut dovetails, and various lap joints. Many woodworkers use a blend of tools, some power, some hand. For instance using a table saw or band saw to rip lumber but then hand tools to cut dovetails or lap joints. Some joints are much easier than others for hand tool work. I am not really aware of any woodworking books that are exclusive of any form of power tool if that's what you're looking for. But there are woodworkers who do work that way, and the approach offers much to be admired.