Saturday, March 29, 2014

this day...

Jenny was out of practice, but made a ball!
Today I am going through what is called a loop. I received a FedEx package yesterday that contained a working preview of my book Beautiful Boxes, Design and Technique. It is a called a loop because the same stack of papers will run from one reviewer to the next, making its rounds through a number of sets of hands, each turning pages, casting a critical eye on each and proposing changes and corrections.

For the author of a how-to book, the loop is the first look at how things have been arranged by the editors responsible for design and layout. It is easy in such things for photo positions to fall out of order or for text to run long requiring it to be further edited. I also learned on-line that the new book is planned to come out in September. This is my 8th book.

 I had so much fun making boxes yesterday, and am excited to have had the teaching staff together with head master, to talk about the philosophy of education. I am hoping to do that again. Now if I can just get my fingers trained for crochet! Anyone with experience in crochet can make a Froebel gift ball in but a few minutes. It will take my fingers (trained as they are for other things)
a bit of time to comply.

Make, fix and create...

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