Wednesday, September 11, 2013

kid boxes...

Today I had my lower elementary school students in wood shop, and we began making pencil boxes for their desks. This is a new design based on a pivoting lid. You assemble the sides, attach the bottom, then use dowels to attach the lid. Finally, the lid is cut into two parts, allowing them to pivot.

I'm considering adding a slightly refined version of this simple box to my book. What do my readers think? When I took similar boxes for show and tell with shop and technology teachers this summer, they wanted to know if the boxes and their making was featured in any of my books. It seems that doing a box with hand tools, might be a good starting point for many woodworkers. And most certainly a thing they would want to share with their children and grandchildren.

Make, fix and create...


  1. Doug,

    I like the lid design, though the circles on the top look a little large to me.


  2. I agree with you. this was the first. I'm ordering some small axles that are used to attach wheels to wooden toy cars. Those will be more in keeping with the design of the box.

  3. Doug, I first came across your work through a recent video on a FFW newsletter. First off, My condolences on your loss.

    I am a frame maker, carver and gilder creating historically inspired fine art and mirror frames. I had made a few boxes early on my woodworking days, but only recently revisited the idea when my daughter asked me to create a memento box for my 1 yr old grandson. I am now incorporating the gilding skills and carving into keep sake boxes which I will be showing for the first time this fall. It is very exciting and rewarding. While it is a divergent from traditional frame making, it is more closely related than one would think. Would like to talk to you more about this some time.

  4. Great design! First of course, it works. But also, it invites people to play with the lid.