Sunday, June 09, 2013

More box making...

I leave today for another class at Marc Adams School. As I have little time to spend on the blog, I'll send you off to an earlier post that briefly explores Educational Sloyd put into modern understanding.

Intuition and tact briefly explores the relationship between allowing teachers some latittude in the development of curriculum and establishing the learning relationship between student and material and offers a quote from Leonard Waks. The quote is from this material which I post again here just to keep a direct link that might be useful to me at a later date. Dr. Waks maintains a blog, Social Issues, that explores social justice in relation to education. Among articles that can be found on Dr. Wak's blog, is one on the school to prison pipeline.

At one time, offering industrial arts was intended in part to offer something to kids who were not going to college. Then they (the powers that be) decided all kids should go to college. They cut the legs out of programs that were the only thing keeping many kids in school. Can you see the stupidity of this? The truth is that all kids learn best when their hands are engaged in learning. But except for the few of us. This is not a discussion taking place in American education. After all, what could academicians possibly learn from the manual arts? They've been taught that they are too important for that. For too many of them ego would stand in the way of real learning.

Make, fix and create...

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