Friday, June 28, 2013

forgive me if I'm distracted...

Today is the day that our legal case against the SWEPCO 345 kV powerline expansion that would literally destroy my small acreage and shatter the sanctuary of my home and wood shop. So I am naturally distracted. I've finished my own testimony for submission by the attorney, and I'm awaiting further instructions. You can actually observe changes in the case docket as testimony is submitted through this link to the APSC files online. Scroll to the bottom of that page to see most recently submitted testimony. I'll be checking this during the day, as this is really a David vs. Goliath event.

I have a letter in local paper this week and an editorial in another, both questioning the need for the project, and questioning SWEPCO's motives. They claim the project is to serve us and provide greater reliability to our county, by making sure we have 500% of the power we currently use. You can read my letter and editorial and here and here, So in other words, between writing testimony, and submitting letters to the editor, I've been writing up a storm.

Yesterday I did take a few minutes to work on drawers for jewelry boxes, as I'm making an attempt to get back to the boxes I'm making for my new book. My objective is to have two more chapters ready for submission in the next two weeks... not a daunting chore since most of the photos have already been taken. My own small jewelry box drawers are made using a simple mortise and tenon technique that is efficient and effective. An example is shown above, but what can't be seen in the photo are small mortise and tenon joints connecting the parts. The drawer guides routed into the maple sides give the drawer lasting use without showing wear to either the drawer or the carcass of the box.

My testimony, posted today before the APSC can be found here.
In the wood shop, I've been assembling drawers and giving some additional shape to a sliding top box.

Make, fix and create...

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