Sunday, March 25, 2012


I get requests from readers concerning what books I recommend for woodworking with kids. A favorite is out of print, and was published in the early 1980's by Richard Starr, Woodworking with Kids. Fortunately, it is still available as a used book from Copies at the moment are cheap.

Among other things of interest, blog reader, Karin suggested that readers might be interested in Sir David Lindley. Even though of British royal descent, he received the kind of education we believe all children should have. He was encouraged by his parents to take things apart, explore materials, particularly wood, and make things. You can read about him, his company and furniture making at this link, or read about his position in relation to the kings and queens of England on Wikipedia.

Karin's point was that some in the upper echelon of human culture, including some of royal descent, do understand the need all children have to seek success in the creative use of their hands. She states,
"If a career in making with ones own hands is good enough for the royal family in the UK it could not possibly be considered a profession only suitable for the working class Joe."
As they say in Parliament, "hear, hear."

Make, fix and create...

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  1. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I find Woodworking with Your Kids an inspirational book and revisit it from time to time.

    Another great book for ideas when wood working with kids is Making Wood Folk Instruments by Dennis Waring published by Sterling.

    Nick S