Sunday, September 25, 2011


I am back in Arkansas following a quick weekend in Pittsburgh, PA. I'll be back to my usual school routines in the morning, but want to reflect for one more moment on yesterday's performance of the Pittsburgh Symphony. I learned that my cousin Betsy's string base was made in 1705. You can go to Wikipedia and discover what else happened in the same year. I am reminded that if something is beautiful, useful, and cared for, it can last a very long time. One of my cousins asked if I believe in life after death. I asked, how could I return from a performance of Mussgorsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, and hear a 305 year old string bass, and not believe that we have the potential of giving life after death? We may or may not live it, but we can certainly give it and share it through the creation of useful beauty. Can you think of ways to extend your own life beyond our time?

Make, fix and create...

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