Friday, May 06, 2011


I have posted a couple more photos above of yesterday's Clear Spring preschool project, building a guinea pig outdoor play yard. I had most of the the planning and assembly done in advance, but that did not mean that hammering down all the staples that didn't go in all the way was not important work. And the kids had a great time. Some also helped me to drive the screws attaching the top to the base. For some it was their first time to use real tools.

Today I am taking care of a few things in my home wood shop, and will make my presentation to 100 4th grade students in Springdale this afternoon. I am hoping that they have some good questions and that we have a lively interchange.

My wife brought home copies of Make Magazine from the library and even though I have an article coming out next month in the magazine, I had been severely negligent in not more thoroughly exploring and promoting the magazine earlier. It is full of wonderful, inventive things to do whether you are a kid or all grown up, and many of the projects lead you directly into expansion of your scientific and technical awareness. If we are going to reinvent schooling to become based on the notion of laboratories and work shops,  Make Magazine will be there playing an important part.

Make, fix and for God's sake create.

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