Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ingenious Britain

James Dyson, British engineer and inventor of the Dyson vacuum cleaner and other interesting things is working to restore the UK to its creative roots. This download .pdf file, Ingenious Britain, explains his view, which has a lot to do with increasing support for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education (STEM). Joe Barry alerted me to an article in this week's New Yorker about James Dyson which can be found here.

On the same subject, a friend was telling me about the woodworking program in a neighboring community. They have two large computer controlled routers in a room behind a glass wall, so the kids can see them go to work without ever having to touch wood. And there's very little more I can say about that.


  1. Anonymous4:40 AM

    Talk about people who don't get it!


  2. Anonymous5:01 AM

    The link does not work. Can you update it?