Thursday, September 09, 2010

geezers in garages

The age of American ingenuity seems to have passed or at least skipped a generation. Today, I want to celebrate a friend whom I've featured before in the blog, Bill Sherret. In his basement machine shop he's made every kind of steam engine model imaginable. Each is machined as a work of art. In his spare time, Bill made much of the cherry and walnut furniture in his home. It is a shame that not so many are inclined these days to follow Bill's example of ingenuity.

"Geezers in Garages" is my American version of Australian Mark Thompson's "Blokes in Sheds". If you want to see other basement and back yard workshops, type Blokes or Geezers in the search block at upper left. You'll find more, and below you will find my own geezer hangout. If you would like to submit your own geezer hideaway, take some photos and, I would welcome the chance to share it with my other readers.

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